Boler Mani Talks
'Miss Anxiety' + More

Melbourne-based rapper and producer Boler Mani features in the first interview from the Minds in Tune vault.


Complete Chaos
On Wall Street

Get the complete breakdown of how some extremely-online nerds sent the NYSE into chaos last week, and what could be in store next.

Loughlin Patrick is a writer, digital creator, and executive producer of award-nominated national radio program Minds in Tune.

Based in sun-soaked Brisbane, Loughlin quite suitably wears many hats. With a background in public speaking, documentary production and community radio, Loughlin has more recently turned to freelancing as a web designer, book consultant and tutor.

As a struggling student, Loughlin is often snowed under with communications and business coursework; when he isn't, you can find him creating YouTube videos of questionable quality. Loughlin also writes for the solutions-focused Humanitarian Changemakers Network, covering human rights and disability issues.

Loughlin's debut young adult mystery novel, Revenge in Ridgeview, is coming sooner than you think - watch your back.


Intimate Christmas
Party + Resolutions

You’re invited to my last (and first, TBH) party of the year! I give you a festive house tour, plus talk 2021 resolutions and assess my 2020 goals.


How to Upgrade
Your Editing

Let me take you through the three-step editing process I use as a writer to get the best out of my work and maximise my results.

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