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Loughlin finds stories and files reports for The World on ABC News, covering global news developments for a diverse Australian audience.

Loughlin Patrick writes,
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Hailing from sun-soaked Brisbane, Loughlin quite suitably wears many hats. Key experiences drive his compelling, probing and grounded journalism.Across television and radio, Loughlin pursues meaningful stories driving local and national conversations. Now in Melbourne, he covers stories in real-time production environments for broadcast outlets.


A dynamic broadcast
as Victorians voted.

Loughlin oversaw and mentored RMIT University students to produce a dynamic program featuring interviews, crosses, analysis and live results.


Staying On The Beat
with Melbourne's stories.

Loughlin coordinates a team of students to produce an explanatory radio news program covering issues impacting young people.

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Radio & Podcasts

Reporting and presenting.

On The Beat

Current Affairs Radio Program

A weekly radio program providing explanatory news coverage accessible to young people. Behind the scenes, Loughlin developed this format as a vehicle to enable emerging journalists to develop their broadcast competencies.

Radio Feature Report

Kids Palliative Care in Focus at Action Plan Launch

Minds in Tune

Specialist Current Affairs Broadcast

A broadcast radio program covering health and culture news. Its newsmagazine format blends current events discussion, expert interviews and feature stories to make mental health information accessible to young adults around Australia.

City Journal Midday News

Live Broadcast Radio Bulletin

Normally done by a team of eight, Loughlin was part of a trio who produced the bulletin under challenging and dynamic circumstances. He secured interviews with the CEO of Hearts4Heart and former Western Bulldogs Vice President.

Loud + Queer

Specialist Radio Broadcast Series

Loughlin produced and anchored this program, coordinating a reporting team to interview queer (LGBTQ+) change makers and culture shapers and file reports on issues impacting the community, including discrimination and health.

Radio Interview

Ben Bjarnesen, LGBTQ Domestic Violence Day founder

The Swanston Explainer

Daily Federal Election Podcast

An explanatory podcast covering federal election campaign issues. Episodes Loughlin produced covering discrimination and the economy were the year's most popular by a large margin, with over 90% more listeners than the series average.

Changing Times

News Bulletins, Interviews & Analysis

Loughlin produced a range of explanatory current affairs audio content targeted at politically-active young people. This included interviews with social change advocates, in-depth political analysis, and weekly national news bulletins.

Classroom Music

Specialist Radio Broadcast

This co-production with Harper Pestinger and Kelvin Xian explored the impact of Australian children's music through vox pop and industry report packages, plus an interview with prolific television songwriter Rhonda Davidson-Irwin.


Television & Video

Live and dangerous.

The World
on ABC News

Broadcast Television Program

Loughlin finds and pitches international stories, then produces and voices reports for broadcast and online. He writes clear and concise news items in a real-time production environment and updates the half-hour headlines for broadcast.

Journalism Society's #VicVotes w/ RMITV

Live 2-Hour Election Night Broadcast

Loughlin executive produced RMIT's first broadcast without institutional support, mentoring students, devising and anchoring a dynamic program with live crosses, interviews, feature reports, discussion and results analysis.

Live Broadcast Interview

Bakr Hawari, western Melbourne mosque leader

Channel 31's

Live 1-Hour Television News Program

Over multiple broadcasts, Loughlin worked across the program as producer, anchor, reporter and sports presenter. With an authoritative but light-hearted hosting style, he ensures segments run smoothly in spite of technical glitches.

Television News Report

Level Crossing Removal vs. Tree Advocates

Online Video Explainer

What are trauma-informed legal processes?

Swanston Gazette's Election Night Live

Live Federal Election Night Broadcast

Loughlin led a team of data journalists and a graphics specialist to gather voting data on key seats as results came in. He then reported results live in a virtual studio during live crosses, unpacking trends for thousands of viewers.

Live Broadcast Analysis

Vote tallies for the 2022 Federal Election

Suffer No More: The Secrets & Lies of the NDIS

Acclaimed 30-Minute Feature Documentary

Researched, filmed and produced in Loughlin's final year of high school, this 30-minute documentary covers the NDIS through a legal, participant and appeals perspective. It's been acclaimed by SEE Foundation and QAI Inc.


Online Articles

‘There wasn’t really an off switch’: VCE results wrap up hectic final school year

Contributions for The Age's live blog

Loughlin filed for The Age throughout VCE results release day, going to one student's house before 7 a.m. to capture his (and his family's) reactions, then an exclusive afternoon University of Melbourne event for Victoria's highest achievers.

Crash Landing: Tracking Big Airlines' Failure to Launch Post-Covid

Interactive Digital Data Analysis

Interactive data visualisations and interviews bring readers along on a journey to unpack how Covid has impacted domestic air travel in Australia. The piece goes beyond dominant discussion to dive deep into industry issues.

Foxtel's Contemporary Crime Drama 'The Twelve' Shines Amid Shakiness

TV Premiere Review & Industry Coverage

This review into the first two episodes of this Australian drama brings in discussion between a key executive and talent from the premiere to analyse what this means for the direction of Foxtel and local production on a broader scale.

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The Swanston Explainer

Covid Crossroads: Australia's Economic Recovery

We unpack the arguments and economic plans of both major parties with critical analysis from ANZ Bank’s Head of Australian Economics, David Plank & RMIT University Senior Lecturer in Economics, Leonora Risse.

Religious Discrimination's Election Resurrection

We spoke to Chris Duke, Convenor of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria’s Church & Nation Committee, and Cian McCulloch, a gay man made to leave his church after coming out. Both say they’re victim to rising prejudice.