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Chats with Tiyana J

Ahead of season 2, Loughlin and Tiyana get together to talk how they met, solutions-focused journalism, and future plans for the show.


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World News Bulletin

Get the full story on the people creating change and events changing society around Australlia and the world, every Monday at 6 a.m. (GMT+10).

Loughlin Patrick is a writer, digital creator, and executive producer of award-nominated national radio program Minds in Tune.

Based in sun-soaked Brisbane, Loughlin quite suitably wears many hats. With a background in public speaking, documentary production and national radio, Loughlin has more recently turned to freelancing as a web designer and book consultant.

Loughlin also works as Head of Content at the Humanitarian Changemakers Network covering big stories on their website and Changemaker Q&A podcast. You can catch his News of Change bulletin there every Monday morning.

Loughlin's debut young adult mystery novel, Revenge in Ridgeview, is coming sooner than you think - watch your back.


The Games
Have Stopped

WTF is happening at Wall Street?! My latest YouTube video unpacks the GameStop stock market chaos ...with the help of an unsavoury character.


How to Upgrade
Your Editing

Let me take you through the three-step editing process I use as a writer to get the best out of my work and maximise my results.


Boler Mani Talks
'Miss Anxiety' + More

Melbourne-based rapper and producer Boler Mani features in the first interview from the Minds in Tune vault.

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Quick Reads

5 Big Mistakes That Can Set Back Your Writing Career

Selected for Curation by Medium's Editorial Team

"If you’re considering getting into writing or you’re just starting out on your first project, then this is exactly what you should be reading right now ... From the craft itself to your attitudes towards it, reading this article should give you the guidelines for success in writing."

These Finance Lifehacks Will Help You Save Money and the World!

"Armed with these two big resolutions, and three quick tips, hopefully, you’ll be in a slightly better financial situation next New Year’s Day (and some charities and the planet will have stood to benefit as well)."

News of Change Bulletins

Accessible text versions of the weekly audio bulletins

News of Change is your weekly bulletin covering the people creating change and events changing society around Australia and the world. Join Loughlin Patrick for new bulletins every Monday morning at 6 a.m. in written form on the Humanitarian Changemakers website. Read the first of these bulletins at the link below.

Long Reads

News and detailed analysis.

The Game Stops and the Revolution Begins: How Weird, Extremely-Online Nerds Are Set to Change Wall St. Forever

"Regardless, it is undoubtedly true that Redditor retail investors with a vengeance have hit hedge funds where it hurts, with one losing over US$70 billion so far this year. They’ve effectively called attention to the dearth of regulation that the New York Stock Exchange — and unintentionally, brokerage apps — are subject to. It’s still anyone’s guess how high GME will go, and how many more investment firms will hold, but Wall Street is undoubtedly set to face its biggest shake-up in years."

Over 500k Australians Have Signed a Petition; So How Effective Are They?

"The three petitions with the most notable real-world impact .. were not the starting point or catalyst of a movement, but rather a culmination of years of sustained campaigning and activism. Conversely, these petitions did not signify the end of a movement. Campaigners followed triumphant petitions with persistent and regular public actions and dialogue with their local members. Politicians themselves were made aware of the issues these petitions aimed to tackle well before they were tabled and were held accountable for progress made..."

New Zealand Just Had a Historic Election. Across the Ditch, What If Australia Used the Same MMP System?

"But why did minority parties hold such great power in New Zealand’s parliament ... the country’s MMP electoral system is a big part of the reason. And, it turns out that the MMP system could be much more representative of voters’ intentions ... As voters in the Australian state of Queensland and the United States head to their respective state and federal elections in the next fortnight, how do their electoral systems stack up, and are their voters missing out?"

In Tackling a Generation-Defining Crisis, COVIDSafe Gets Human Privacy Rights, Well… Right.

"Right now, we’re in the middle of the crisis that will define our generation, the Zoomers (and in just over a decade, the Quaranteens). This pandemic has changed our way of life, but it’s also changing how we perceive the world around us and react to current events. That’s why it’s important to be aware of how COVID-19 is affecting our attitudes, as we make decisions about our privacy and human rights amid a crisis – decisions that we can’t take back."

When Solutions Have Unintended Consequences: How Plastic Straw Bans Leave the Disabled to Draw the Short Straw

“I’ve tried the straight ones and I’ve tried the paper ones,” says Mikaela. “The paper, for starters, dissolves in my mouth, and it is disgusting, and the straight ones just don’t even go in my mouth. Like, [my carers] spend 20 minutes just trying to get it in my mouth.”

So, does Mikaela have an alternative to plastic straws?

“Yeah, like, dehydration,” she says.

Amid Chinese New Year Coronavirus Quarantines, Millions of Uighur Muslims Also Remain in Lockdown. Who Tells Their Stories?

"The United Nations has criticised China’s counterterrorism policies on several occasions. In November 2019 — days before the publication of the China Cables — an expert panel of 12 officials released an assessment of China’s counterterrorism laws that states the policies contravene several human rights ... These criticisms have fallen on deaf ears."

Video & Radio

Minds in Tune

Nationally Broadcast Radio Program on SYN Nation

Minds in Tune is a national radio program with a focus on mental health and music - conceived and produced by yours truly. Episodes featured discussions of current events, deep dives into mental health related topics, and interviews with rising musicians and mental health experts.

Suffer No More: The Secrets and Lies of the NDIS

Nationally acclaimed documentary

"Well put together account on the realities of what it is like dealing with the NDIS." - SEE Foundation, Perth

"As the National Disability Insurance Scheme continues to roll out, people are feeling overwhelmed, unheard and facing road blocks at what can feel like every turn." - Queensland Advocacy Incorporated, Brisbane

News of Change Bulletins

Weekly audio news bulletins

News of Change is your weekly bulletin covering the people creating change and events changing society around Australia and the world. Join Loughlin Patrick for new bulletins every Monday morning at 6 a.m. in audio form on your preferred podcasting platform. Listen to the first of these bulletins at the link below.

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    What is a Royal

    What powers do Royal Commissions have, and what do they investigate? Find out what you need to know about Royal Commissions and their impacts.